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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Joel - Winning

A book review by: Joel kunnethedan

This novel is one of my favourites and this is why...
This is an action and mystery book about a group of friends, Pearce is Yosef’s best friend and Pearce is perfect. He can run much better, climb higher and kick much more accurately than anyone else in their school.

But it made me wonder what would happen if Yosef began to come first instead? There were some strange events happening at their school and things are beginning to change!

Pearce, Yosef, Frankie, Adam, Denton, Tess, and Emily are all best friends, they all love running although Pearce and Yosef like it most, this is what the gang do in summer but what do they do in winter...   soccer yes it’s Adams favourite sport, so they had an awesome and joyful game of soccer and had a peaceful sleep that night but not everyone was asleep. Robbers yes robbers and someone else who you will have already heard of, odd enough some robbers that Pearce knew were the robbers that were there.  Their names were Overalls who was a cunning, cruel, horrid, man who was secretly working with the school caretaker Mr. Crowe who was also quite nasty and cruel to the kids for playing on the fence and being happy (something I think he never was!)  Anyway after their months of planning, Overalls came that night and tried to steal the lawn mowers, but all of a sudden he noticed that Denton and Yosef have been spying and taking pictures. So he came towards Denton and beat him and almost broke the camera when Yosef came in and caught it, before Denton threw it and took the beating before Overalls got in his truck, and chased Yosef around the school fields. At this point Yosef was running faster than a car that’s really fast!       
Imagine the rush, fear, and horror he would have been feeling so just think what would you do at this stage?
Well Yosef just kept on running and running and running till he finally lost him and Overalls gave up and left forgetting that Yosef still had the camera containing the pictures of him which Yosef and Denton handed in to the police station and left the police to chase down and capture and lock away Overalls and Mr. Crowe for ever.
So that’s pretty much the summary of the book.

What do I think was not good and good and why?
I think that the story and the meanings were very good and also the way that the author had set out the book because it did not confuse me in any way which means that it was perfect for me!
I think that there were not any bad/not good things in this book because the story did not have anything too complicated for me to understand so I think she wrote it in the perspective of a child which is great!
What do I think the authors’ message through the book was?
I think the message given to me was that you should not completely trust someone if they look suspicious or mysterious, I also think another message was that friendship is very powerful otherwise how do you think that Yosef and Denton caught Overalls and Mr.Crowe. I think that the point of the book was to entertain and give a good message to children. I also think that the author giving this message was a very good thing to do!
So to sum it up this is a great book/novel and I would definitely recommend this book for someone who likes to be entertained and try to figure out the messages in the book because it was slightly hard for me to do, and because this is for kids the age 8 and above. And why is it that age? Because it will help you to understand the deeper meanings in books and other things so read this book/novel!!!
By: Joel kunnethedan!  

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  1. I think you have given a good discription of this book. It sounds very exiting and mysterious.