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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Learning in Term 2

This term we are doing long term projects you will need GRIT to make a marathon effort. 

Our global learning intention:  WALHT communicate in science

·       Identify prior knowledge
·       Identify the main ideas in texts and add to prior knowledge
·       Determine the usefulness of text for a purpose
·       Skim and scan texts
·       Take notes
·       Make references
·       Use verbs, nouns or simple phrases (from our notes) to build a variety of sentence types to suit our purpose
·       Consciously use visual, sound and rule strategies to spell words accurately first time.
·       Compare, contrast, classify, sequence information to build new ideas and plan for writing
·       Organise our writing into a logical and linked sequence of paragraphs with a clear purpose

Also: use our imaginations and experiment with words and ideas in quick writes
And use blogs to share our writing with an audience

Make sure we remember renaming fractions, adding fractions, multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 and calculate percentage profits and our problem solving strategies from last term.
·       Find fractions of amounts
·       Convert fractions into percentages
·       Plan, conduct and evaluate a statistical investigation.

You will produce
·       A well-researched and written presentation about a topic of your own choice by week 5
·       A well-researched and written presentation about a scientific topic of your choice, using scientific language, based on the experiments and theory we learn in the first half of term.
·       A record of your statistical investigation in any form you wish (movie, Prezi, anything)

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