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Monday, 19 May 2014

Ben B - The Lord of the Beasts

The  Lord of the Beasts by Justin Eliot

A book review by Ben Brenner

The book is about Hunter Greenman, a teenage boy who lives with his single mum in a rural village called Fraygate.  In the beginning of the book he get chased by bullies but soon gets help from two wolves and their Master "the Keeper."  Later in the story he makes three friends, Bridget, Donn, and Sara. Together they go on a quest to find Athame, a magic dagger. With the dagger and their own magic powers they must defeat the big evil magic doog the Barghest before he kills them.

The book is very fluent to read because there are just some tricky words and they get explained the easiest way possible.  It's packed with action and fights so it never gets boring.  On one hand its a really good book for boys because romance, which I personally don't enjoy, was completely left out. On the other Hand it's a good book for girls because two of the main characters are girls.
There was one part in the book I didn't enjoy and that was when the author described the little red cap elves.  It was scary because he described them as very bloodthirsty and furiously horrible.

The Lord of the Beasts is an action packed fantasy book.
I think the author wanted to make it clear that if you stick with your true friends then you can get through a lot, even if you think it's impossible. In my opinion the story was just written to entertain children and teenagers.

 For me it was an exceptional book because I loved all the magic fighting. I would recommend this book for children 10 and above because it would be a little bit too scary for younger kids.


  1. Sounds like a great read from your description Ben, I like how you explain the main ideas in the story without giving too much away. I am going to recommend this story to my nephew.

  2. This sounds like a really exiting book because you have explained clearly why it would be good for both boys and girls.