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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nina - The Notebook of Doom - Rise of the Balloon Goons

The book I read is called:
The notebook of doom rise of the balloon goons” by Troy Cummings.
It is a fiction story and is based in the town of Stormont. The main character is Alexander, he moved to a new town and home.
It all started with a sigh while Alexander looked out the window at the town. Alexander was scared of lots of things like:
1.   Spending the night at his new house  
2.   Going to a new school in a new town  
3.   Having to make new friends.
The next morning it was the first day of school. Alexander’s  dad gave him a map and he headed off to school. Lots of weird things happened to Alexander on the way, like when he was walking he saw something waving its arms in the air and that was when he was sure that he was being followed by the balloon goons. He met a boy called Rip Bonkowski at school who is mean to him. Rip comes to his birthday party and things get really exciting.
I liked the book because it made you want to read the next book and it made you feel like you were in the book and I had never seen balloon goons before and that’s what made me read the book.
I think the author’s trying to give a message, I think the message is, don’t judge a person by their looks and people can change. This book makes people want to read it because of the hook at the start of the book and the cover of the book has bright colours and it is a very imaginative book.
I recommend this book for people who have a good imagination and people who like monsters.

By Nina  


  1. This sounds like an exiting book.

  2. Nina you got me interested. I think I might read the book myself because I want to know why Alexander invited Rip to his birthday party? I would love to know what balloon goons are?