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Monday, 19 May 2014

Maria - Third Year at Malory Towers Book Review

Third Year At Malory Towers
A Book Review by Maria Wallace
The “Third Year At Malory Towers” is written by the British author Enid Blyton, who has written all sorts of children’s books from the “Famous Five” series to the “St Clare’s” series. This book is an adventure book about some girls at an English boarding school.
This book is about some schoolgirls that play pranks on their teachers and tease the disliked kids. There are a few new girls: Bill who is crazy about horses, Zerelda the American girl who thinks only of her appearance and Mavis who is sure she is going to be an opera singer. With the new kids there are funny, spiteful and surprising moments. My favourite part was when the girls did a trick to make their poor French teacher sneeze by hiding a vapour capsule behind the blackboard.
One of the great things about the book was there was always something that I was left wondering about, the girls were always up to something. One of the not so great things about this book was that there were a few girls who teased the disliked girls because they weren’t as popular as the others.
Through this book I think the author has tried to tell others that boarding school can be a lot of fun, by engaging the reader in the comical happenings that aren’t in everyday life.
I would definitely recommend this book to others because it is really funny and adventurous at the same time. It is a book that would be great for most kids and teens.

By Maria Wallace

1 comment:

  1. When I was growing up I use to read the Mallory Towers books Maria - this reminded me of how much I loved them - in fact I loved all Enid Blyton books. I hope you don't play these tricks on us :). I like how you have highlighted the part you didn't like - the teasing, this can be a very hard thing to deal with.