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Monday, 19 May 2014

Samuel - Villain's Night Out

Samuel’s book review

I have chosen to write my book review on a novel called “Villain’s night out” written by Margaret Mahey.  This story is fiction which means this story is not real.
This story is about a boy named Formby.  Mrs Rodgers, his teacher, gives the class a task to write a story to go in the school library.  On Formby’s way home, Squidgy Moots comes alive but only Formby can see him.  
Formby starts writing his book.  His sister wants to help but Formby won’t let her so she starts finding his writing and adding bits.  In Formby’s story Squidgy Moots also gets a sister who causes problems.  Aspin Twinkle is a boy who bullies Formby on the way home from school every day.   Formby ends up with a bully in his story.
Aspin steels Formby’s story on the way home and likes it.  He tells Formby to keep writing.  He also starts doing drawings to go with the story.
Formby starts sharing the story with Aspin and his Sister.

The things I like about the book were: there were no really bad people and there were lots of funny bits.  However, it could have had more action in it which would have made it better.
The author was trying to give other people who read the book the idea that working together can help people to get along and make a difference

I would not recommend this book to a friend because it didn’t have enough action in it.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Samuel,
    I enjoyed reading your book review. I really likes the characters names and thought it was funny you wished there was more action in the story, I like action stories too. It had a good moral saying people should work together to get along and help others.
    From Charlie