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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mekeisha - Princess Abigail and the Baby Panda

Princess Abigail and the Baby Panda
By Vivian French
Reviewed by Mekeisha Hurley

The book that I have read over the holidays is called the Tiara Club at Diamond Turrets – Princess Abigail and the Baby Panda.  The author is Vivian French and the genre of this book is fiction.

The book is about a princess called Abigail who is trying to save a Baby Panda because there are two mean princesses that don’t even care about scaring the baby panda or that Princess Abigail is trying so hard to save the baby panda.

The thing that made this book very interesting was that there was a sense of adventure and that there were heaps o finteresting things that made it even better.  The thing that made the story bad was that they kept it in the third person, not the first or second person so that is why I didn’t really like it.

I think that the message is to think about what you do and help other people make a good decision.  I think that the point of writing the book was to give people a sense of design to people that don’t think before they act.  I think that they put a clear message through the book because it has a simple message to give.

All in all this story was a very good story and it had a very good theme to it.  It would likely recommend this book for people who like princesses because even if you that stories this are for little kids, even if you read just one chapter it will make you want to read more.  If you like this book I have one copy so feel free to come and ask me for it and I will give ti to you to read.  So come and get it.

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