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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Research Reports

Manuka's Research Reports

In Manuka we have been doing individual research projects.  The children have being reading for research using books from the town library and learning how to do useful Internet searches.  They have looked for key words and skimmed to find information.  They took notes and then organised them into detailed plans on large sheets of paper.  The writing focus was on detailed planning and sentence structure.

Here are the subjects the children have covered. You are welcome to check out their blogs, read their reports and leave comments.

Maria- plant growth
Tim -  the Middle Ages
Charlie - swimming
Saluni – trip to Nelson
Cody – Moving from Tauranga
Ardan – Mechanics and Machines
Tyler – World War II, and Surviving in the Woods
Mannix – swimming, also great pictures of the class at work
Daniel - surfing
Zach – The Arizona
Samuel – German Shepherds
Ben B – The Ancient Greek Spartan Warriors
Niveek – The School Production
Aarran – archery
Tannah – Casey Kopua and Laura Langman
Tess – Rainbows
Laura – The Scream Painting
Utu – Planets
Abigail – Appaloosas
Nina – The Twin Towers
Alyssa – The Guitar
Maddison – Nenana to Nome

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  1. I love our blog and its looking good also I have seen everyone's info about interesting stuff...keep it up everyone... :) :) :)