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Sunday, 3 August 2014

How to help with learning at home

These ideas are low maintenance things your child can practice independently.  The writing a sentence exercise could be done a couple of times a week.

A set time for reading each day.  The reader can read what they like but ask them to summarise it for you.

Do the class support task on Maths Buddy (will be given on Tuesday of week 3).  There will be a new task each week.  Once the task is complete, own-choice activities can be completed.


Pick three words at random.  I have an ipad app called InspireMe for this but you could do it from the dictionary or your head.  Make sure the writer understands what the words mean.  Then the writer writes a sentence including these words.  Check that the sentence sounds right and has basic correct punctuation e.g. capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end.  The writer should fix anything that isn't correct.

Check that all spelling is correct - children should pick out the words they think might be wrong - they should try a variety of strategies:
Sound - how many syllables?  Clap the syllables.  Sound out each syllable individually.  Many children speak sounds in words that aren't actually there - help them to notice by saying the word yourself the way it should be said, slowly.  Then look for any rules or similarities with other words they know.  For instance competition ends with the tion sound which might be known from words like station.  The last resort is a dictionary or spell check.

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