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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Deep Learning for the Book Reviews

This is the rubric which will guide deep learning for the book reviews due at the end of week 3.  To get to extended abstract thinking there will need to be a good understanding of the plot, the inference in the book and how the book relates to the wider world.  You will need to have done some creative thinking to link these things together and use your logic to imagine what the writer was hoping people would get from the story.

It is a very rare story that is written just for people to have fun.  Even Captain Underpants was about Dav Pilkey's own experience of being a child who loved to write comic books but couldn't fit in with the school environment of the time and how he loved playing with words but didn't always get it right. His message is there's more than one way to do things and some people who look like they don't fit in or can't get things right, may in fact be very creative people with something different to offer.  So he felt the education he experienced should have been more flexible and inclusive - that's the message I get from Dav Pilkey in Captain Underpants.

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